ISSN: 2311-5998

Вестник Университета имени О.Е. Кутафина (МГЮА)

Авторам   Requirements

Terms of reviewing scientific articles

Preparation of materials for publication, their review and editing are carried out by employees of the Academy.

The journal publishes only articles and materials recommended by reviewers (independent experts). As reviewers are involved scholars of the Academy, authoritative in the relevant field, which give a reasoned opinion on the scientific value of the material presented and its compliance with the requirements of the magazine.

The external reviewing is carried out by leading scientists of educational and research institutions, as well as practitioners.

If the review of the article has a reference to the need to its improvement by the author, the editorial team sends this article to its author for revision.

In the case of negative review the editorial team may decide to place the article under additional reviewing.

If the editorial team does not share some views of the author of the article published, it has the right to specify this in a footnote. The articles published for discussion purposes, can be accompanied by an appropriate comment in a footnote.

If there is any dispute between the members of the editorial team over the publication of the article, they will be resolved at a meeting of the editorial team by a simple majority of votes. With an equal number of votes, the Chief-editor has a casting vote.

According to the results of the meeting of the editorial team, executive secretary completes the next issue of the magazine.

Requirements for materials sent for publication

1. The materials previously published or suggested to several magazines will not be accepted.

2. The agreement on granting the right to use the copyrighted work is concluded in verbal form and is free of charge, i. e. no authors, including graduate students, will be charged for publishing articles, neither a royalty is paid. Presenting an article for publication, the author hereby agrees to its reduction and editing, posting under the legal information systems, databases, electronic resources (including the Internet), with which the editors have an appropriate agreement.

3. The manuscript should be submitted on paper and electronic carrier (text editor WinWord) or by e-mail.

4. The text, including footnotes, should be typed with 1.25 line spacing headset Times New Roman (14 pt), without the use of signs of manual division of word (soft hyphen) and double spaces, the margins on the left should be 2.5 cm, top, right and bottom – 2 cm.

5. Footnotes should be numbered consecutively and placed page by page. Bibliographic apparatus must be presented in accordance with GOST R 7.1-2003 and GOST R 7.0.5-2008.

6. The paper should not exceed 15 pages, the volume of other materials should be agreed with the editorial staff.

7. The manuscript must be accompanied by (in Russian and in English languages): an abstract (no more than 200 words); a list of keywords (no more than 10 words); information including the name, first name, middle name (in full), position and place of work (service), academic degrees and titles of the author. It should also include your postal address, e-mail address.

10. Responsibility for the accuracy of citations, references to legislation, names, etc. lies with the authors.

11. The journal is peer-reviewed. If the manuscript does not meet the requirements of the editorial staff, as well as the negative review is given, the author receives a reasoned refusal. The Editorial team reserves the right to reject any work proposed for publication.